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The Highway of Life

Bishop H. David Burton spoke at today's CES Fireside about achieving happiness through the plan of salvation. He compared our journey through life to a road trip:
  • The scriptures are our road map

  • The Atonement is our insurance

  • Temptations are the detours

  • A temple recommend is a driver's license

  • Spiritual evaluations of ourselves are car checks before the trip

  • Service is the sightseeing and joy of the journey

  • Church guidelines are the rules and regulations of driving

He closed with a kite analogy, reminding us that although it seems as if the wind (worldly ways) makes us fly higher and the kite string (Church guidelines) hinders our flight, it really is the string that allows us to soar and avoid crashing from the wind.

Discussion: How else is life like traveling on a highway?

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Anonymous said…
wonderful synopsis from a wonderful lady-DAD
Anonymous said…
Sometimes you crash and never recover; still you go on with love and faith in your heart.

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