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The Spirit of General Conference

This past weekend we were blessed to listen to the prophet and apostles, enhanced by the beautiful music of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This Conference's theme was the gospel basics, such as faith, obedience, and agency. The theme reinforced the Church's efforts this year in going back to the basic principles of the gospel to strengthen our testimonies.

The spirit of Conference is wonderful and contagious: the Saints are excited, in tune with the Spirit, united, and happy. The Spirit is strong and testifies of the truth of the words we hear. We should strive to keep these feelings with us until the next Conference. We can reread or watch the talks online or read them in the Ensign. We can download them to our iPods. We can use them as Sunday activities or FHE lessons. We have so many options to keep Conference alive in our hearts until again we gather together to listen to the prophet and apostles speak to us.

Challenge: Keep the spirit of Conference with you for the next six m…