Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to Prepare Your Kids for General Conference
A few years ago, I wrote a post on how to prepare for general conference. Now that I have two kids, and after seeing great ideas online, I think it's time to share how to prepare your kids for general conference too!

1. Explain what general conference is.
Tell your kids the week before that instead of going to church the next Sunday, you will be staying home and watching the prophet and other church leaders speak to us about the gospel starting Saturday morning. Show them pictures of the First Presidency and other church leaders in the Friend or conference issue of the Ensign.

2. Put together activities for the kids.
Thanks to blogs and Pinterest, there is a plethora of activities for your children to do during conference, and most require little preparation. Here is a link-up to some great ideas. There are also activities on the Church website. Be sure to match the activity to your children's ages and likes and any goals you have in mind (ex: listening for certain topics, learning to recognize leaders, or simply being reverent). Get all the activities ready by Friday night so the kids have something to do as soon as conference starts.

3. Prepare the house for conference the days and nights before.
Have everyone do their chores and complete their homework. Clean up the area where you will watch conference and know when and how you will watch it. Do any food prep the night before so making breakfast and lunch is easy and doesn't cut into any conference time. Get everyone to bed early so you wake up and get ready in time for the morning sessions and no one is sleepy or grumpy. Make sure any children who still nap get rest between sessions.

4. Create a reverent environment conference morning.
Simply getting dressed in appropriate clothing and eating a good breakfast before conference starts will set a good mood for the rest of the day and help everyone be attentive and reverent. Avoid putting on the TV, a movie, or secular music. Instead, play Primary songs and other church music or watch any pre-conference programs to invite the Spirit. Continue to keep the Spirit in between and after sessions.

5. Talk about what you learned.
After conference is over discuss during dinner what you learned. Have the kids share their favorite talks, songs, or activities. Keep conference fresh in their minds the following months through the Friend and family home evening lessons.

You can find more ideas on how to prepare your kids for general conference on the Church website. Have a great general conference weekend!

Sharing Time: What do you do to prepare your kids for general conference?


DAD said...

good tips

Anonymous said...

Your article is excellent.
General Conference can be fun and spiritual at the same time. Doing these activities will help the children learn about the gospel.