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Small and Simple Things

The final act of becoming a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. We may constantly have the Spirit with us if we are worthy, a blessing made manifest through warnings, guidance, comfort, and peace. While we often focus on these more important blessings, we must not forget the Holy Spirit's whisperings about small things, which show that Heavenly Father cares about the little daily happenings in our lives. These whisperings are in fact tender mercies of the Lord.

They come as feelings or distinct thoughts about something we should or should not do, and we may or may not understand why. Although not following these whisperings does not result in major consequences, they often make the day go smoother and serve as reminders that Heavenly Father loves us. I have been reminded of His love a number of times:
  1. One morning a few weeks ago, I was loading up the dishwasher for a wash cycle. As I shut the door I had the impression to move a plastic cover I had put in. I ignored it, thinking the worst that would happen is it would fall through, which sometimes happens. However, once the cycle was done, I noticed smoke coming from the dishwasher and smelled a nasty burnt odor. I stopped the dishwasher, opened it, and was horrified to see the particular plastic cover melted at the bottom. It took me all day to clean the mess and rid of the odor and a couple weeks to get the smell out of the dishes and dishwasher, which still has a slight burnt smell to it.
  2. Similarly, I was ready to run a laundry cycle sanitizing all our germ-filled towels (golf, kitchen, floor towels). I put in one from the kitchen that I only use as decoration. It was pastel yellow, embroidered with bees and flowers and the words “Bee Happy.” My mother gave it to me, and I thought it was too cute to let it get dirty. I had the faint impression not to put it in, but as the next towel laundry day was not near, I threw it in. It came out no longer pastel yellow.
  3. During college, I sometimes had impressions to bring a textbook or reading book with me to school. Sometimes I did, to my delight when I found out a class had been cancelled and I had the needed textbook with me to do another homework assignment. Other times I did not, and while waiting for an appointment or with down time at work, I would have nothing with me to do and plenty later waiting for me at home.

These examples also show another reason for small whisperings: they prepare us for bigger promptings and test our obedience. I recognized the Spirit in these incidents after the fact. Had I recognized and followed them then, my days would have gone better.

Heavenly Father truly does watch out for us and wants us to be happy. He cares about those little things that will make life easier so that we can focus on the bigger things. He cares about preparing us for more important guidance and tests of obedience. He blesses us with the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It is our duty—and a very rewarding one—to listen and obey.

Challenge: Next time you receive a small prompting that seems insignificant, recognize it as a tender mercy of the Lord and an opportunity to show your obedience.


Anonymous said…
I have had so many similar experiences like that where I said to myself why didn't I listen or follow my feelings- very good article from a very good writer
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this. It makes me want to be better at listening to and following little promptings, because they are important too. This answers a question that I've been asking myself recently: why haven't I had any amazing and divine inspiration lately? maybe its because I haven't been paying attention to the smaller and simpler whisperings.

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