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Saturday's Warriors

As corny and somewhat doctrinally incorrect the play Saturday's Warrior is, the main song is truly inspiring:

Who are these children coming down, coming down,
Like gentle rain through darkened skies,
With glory trailing from their feet as they go
And endless promise in their eyes?

Who are these young ones growing tall, growing strong,
Like silver trees against the storm,
Who will not bend with the wind or the change,
But stand to fight the world alone?

These are the few, the warriors saved for Saturday,
To come the last day of the world.
These are they on Saturday.
These are the strong, the warriors rising in their might
To win the battle raging in the hearts of men on Saturday.

Strangers from a realm of light who have forgotten all
The memory of their former life, the purpose of their call.
And so they must learn why they're here and who they really are.
They must learn why they're here and who they are!

These are the few, the warriors saved for Saturday,
To come the last day of the world.

Temple Garments FAQ 2

More analysis on my stat counter has prompted me to write yet another post on temple garments, this time for Church members. Some information is repeated from the last FAQ to clarify common questions.

What age to wear garments
Officially you can attend the temple and begin to wear garments at age 18 if you are worthy. Most leaders discourage doing so unless you are preparing for a mission or marriage to ensure readiness, necessity, and maturity. However, all worthy members may attend the temple and wear garments regardless of mission service or marital status. Newly baptized members must wait one year so they can learn and grow spiritually. Keeping temple covenants is serious, and leaders want to make sure you are prepared and willing to take on that responsibility, no matter what your age.

How to order garments
To order garments, go to your local distribution center, which is usually next to the nearest temple. If there isn't one close by, then you can order garments online at sto…

The Ensign

This month I received my first issue of the Ensign. It took me 3 years before I finally subscribed. Before, I read it other ways: buying General Conference issues, borrowing copies from friends or the church library, and reading articles online. I love having my own copy now.

The Ensign is so uplifting. My day goes more smoothly when I start out my day reading the magazine. It brings such a good spirit into my heart and home. For example, one day a couple weeks ago I felt a desire to study more about the gospel, so I wrote on this blog and listened to the uplifting music. I was more patient with my friend's children and I had positive feelings about my upcoming birthing. The stories I read encouraged me to live more righteously and strengthened my testimony of various gospel principles.

There is no excuse not to subscribe to and read the Ensign. It is only $10 for a year, the cost of one movie ticket or a couple fast food meals. If we have time to read other things and watch TV, …