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Darkness Begets Dishonesty

photo by Ricardo Chahad

The symbolism and powers of light and darkness are no coincidences. A 2010 study found that people were more likely to be dishonest in dim lighting or when wearing sunglasses than in bright lighting or when wearing clear glasses. I believe it is more than just a result of feeling unwatched or hidden. Darkness is not only the absence of physical light, but also the absence of spiritual light. Darkness is the devil's domain, his prime time for work, which is why we associate all things evil with the dark: sinful places are barely lit; terrible crimes happen at night; criminals usually dress in dark, concealing clothing. I think that is why we are often more shocked and offended when something wicked occurs in "broad daylight."

The findings of this study should prompt us to evaluate our own behavior in darkness and to eliminate it if it affects us. If we find that we are just as likely to commit the sin in light, then we need to take even more careful measures to guard ourselves against it. Either way, we should surround ourselves with as much light--both physical and spiritual--as possible.

Challenge: Stay away from dark places and activities. When feeling tempted, turn on the light--both kinds!


Anonymous said…
dark acts and dark thoughts never bring forth light -DAD
Anonymous said…
Spiritual light is the best light. When we shine this light on the darkness, it illuminates fears, doubts, anger, and sadness. Having this light on us is a protection for us and future generations from the powers of evil.

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