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April 2013 General Conference Highlights

Highlights from the 183rd Semiannual General Conference in April 2013:

*I was in awe how dramatic the increase in missionaries was due to the age decrease announced last conference. When the bar was raised several years ago, the numbers slightly dropped and remained stagnant all these years. But now we went up 10,000 in less than six months (since those numbers were from the 2012 report, there are probably a few thousand more by now)!

*In accordance with the above, President Monson asked us all to donate to the General Mission Fund. And Elder Nelson noted that many schools will grant students an 18–30-month deferral to serve a mission.

*Two new temples were announced: Cedar City, Utah, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

*There is a new Young Women Presidency: Sister Bonnie Lee Green Oscarson as president; Sister Carol Louise Foley McConkie, first counselor; and Sister Evelyn Neill Foote Marriott, second counselor.

*For all of you parents who have little hope for your mischievous boys, lis…