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We Believe in Grace

I have heard and read many explanations on the relationship between grace and works, yet I never fully understood until I read today the Ensign article "Salvation: By Grace or by Works?" by Gerald N. Lund. Now I can tell my mainstream Christian friends we do believe we are saved by grace. If they ask how works is involved, this passage explains it well:
Paul said we are justified through and by faith (see Gal. 2:16; Rom. 3:28), which is the first principle of the gospel. In other words, faith is the principle that activates the power of the Atonement in our lives, and we are put back into a proper relationship with God (justification) as faith activates that power. . . . [A]nother analogy can help us see more clearly the role faith and works play in achieving salvation:
We are like a powerhouse on a mighty river. The powerhouse has no power residing in itself; the potential power rests in the energy of the river. When that source of power flows through the generator…

Gender Roles in the Church

I have been gearing up for a post about the Ordain Women Movement, but this blogger beat me to it and did a great job. Plus, I love her style!

"Mormonism, Feminism, and Being Snarky"

I also encourage you to join the Facebook group Mormon Women Stand. The admins post powerful quotes and talks and invite discussion about gospel truths.

Just some points to remember about women and men:
Men are not better than women, and women are not better than men. Neither is superior over the other. We are simply different.We are incomplete without each other (1 Corinthians 11:11). We are supposed to become one, like two halves of a puzzle fitting together to complete a beautiful picture (Genesis 2:24).We were given different innate qualities and different opportunities to develop those qualities. However, both men and women are supposed to develop all the qualities of Christ (3 Nephi 27:27).We share the most important role we can be given: parenthood. For we are here to become like God, and…

Liken All Scriptures

The Value and Purpose of the Scriptures

Spiritual Growth for Young Mothers

While researching for an upcoming talk in Church, I came across this old Ensign article:

Spiritual Growth for Young Mothers

Stay-at-home moms shared their tips on how to have personal spiritual time despite obstacles such as staying with sick children on Sunday and not being able to fast while pregnant. I was floored with their wise and creative solutions, and I felt very guilty for having let go of my spiritual time, especially since I am not a very busy mom and I am blessed with modern technologies that allow me to access the gospel library anytime, anywhere. I am going to make more use of my new iPhone and try to listen to talks whenever I can. I am also going to start using nap time for personal scripture study.

Sharing Time: How do you incorporate personal spiritual activities throughout your day?