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How to Know if the Book of Mormon Is True

A previous set of elders put me on the 12-week course for new missionaries. Last night as I was finishing up the week on revelation through the Book of Mormon, I came upon this study activity: Read Moroni 10:3-5 and discuss how these verses show what an investigator must do to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Discuss the meaning and importance of real intent and how to help investigators develop real intent.

I considered skipping it since I had read that scripture passage countless times, especially with studying Preach My Gospel, and because the discussion seemed to focus on real intent, which had been covered thoroughly in that week's study. But I decided to humor myself and do it anyway. And what I learned surprised me. There are actually four steps an investigator must complete before asking God with real intent and receiving an answer:
Read the Book of Mormon. How can we know if something is true if we haven't even read it? We have to become familiar with what we …

Scripture Power: Revelation & Protection

[The second half of my talk given 1/11/15. Read the first part here.]

Scripture Power: Teaching & Preaching