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An Unexpected Gospel Lesson From Cleaning My Glasses

Based on the testimony I gave Sunday.

Because I only wear my glasses shortly in the morning and before bed, I don't put effort into taking care of them properly. I wipe them clean with just my shirt and only use water if they're really dirty. I've never had any issues with this method.

When we first moved here, I went to a community event showcasing local businesses and received eyeglass cleaner and a cleaning cloth from an optometrist. They sat in a drawer for the last two years. A couple weeks ago, out of nowhere, I finally decided to use them.

The difference was unbelievable!

I was astonished by the enhanced clarity. I couldn't believe not only that I had been missing out all these years on even better vision, but also that I didn't even know I was missing out! I thought my glasses had been perfectly clean, when in fact they had the potential to be even clearer had I used the proper materials specifically made for the job.

I immediately related this to the gospe…

The Constant Companionship of the Holy Ghost

The talk I gave at a baptism last night.
The gift of the Holy Ghost is often underappreciated. Once we come to understand why his constant companionship is a gift, we value it more and do whatever we can to be worthy of keeping his presence in our lives.
Elder Bednar said, “Everything the Savior’s gospel teaches us to do and become is intended to bless us with the companionship of the Holy Ghost" (Increase in Learning, p. 49).
Why? Elder Gerald N. Lund stated, “When one is given the gift . . . of the Holy Ghost, he has overcome spiritual death to a degree, for he has come into the presence of one member of the Godhead” (Ensign, "Salvation: By Grace or by Works?", Apr. 1981).
With the perspective of having a member of the Godhead—one who counsels with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ—as a constant presence in our lives, it's easier to see how he is a gift and brings so many blessings to us through the many roles he plays.
He gives us guidance straight from the One who…